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Business is a Marriage

June 26, 2018

image: Just Married | by RachIgnatiev 



We often get asked what it's like to be married and be in business together. Sometimes, people comment, "oh wow it must be tough to be married and in business together." Tough. Yes that's the word. Sometimes it is so tough to be sleeping next to a business partner that you could not come to agree with that day or feel like you do not agree with ever! LOL!  

The other day, Michael and I were out, at a local diner, eating lunch with the kids. Now, like most business owners you start talking about business with the owners. This time, what struck me about our conversation was what one of the "married business partner" said, "Oh and we start getting mad at each other." And for the first time, in a long time, I did not feel alone or like a total loser for getting mad at my husband. ALL THE TIME.  

I came home that night and was up just thinking about how many of "us" are out there "getting mad at each other". And I came to realize that every business partnership is like a marriage, whether you are married to one another or not. The truth for Michael and I is that being married and owning a business together is like being married twice. If that makes any sense.

Business partnership and marriage are similar in many ways. Both are huge, life-changing decisions that require trust, respect, love and commitment. They both involve finances. They both require you to be working towards a goal with someone other than just yourself. The truth is that maintaining both our business and our marriage is more "tough" than just maintaining our marriage alone.  Here is a list of things that we deal with constant