Are you looking for a donation for your non-profit organization?

Host a fundraiser with Artastic! 

We donate 30% towards your fundraiser. 

Our goal is to hold at least one fundraising event for a non-profit organization (school, church, cause, etc.) each month in efforts to give back to the organizations, communities and customers  who support our business. 

Previously, we donated gift certificates to organizations who asked. We found that many of our contributions were never redeemed, some going as back as 5 years. What this meant for us was that we weren't being given the opportunity to congratulate and Wow! the winners/recipients with our awesome services. In light of this, ALL future donations will be via fundraisers. Therefore, PTA/PTO presidents, organizations, and churches please contact us 862-248-0022 to schedule and coordinate your fundraiser with us. 

Pottery Painting

Host a party for everyone to enjoy! This is one of our most popular fundraiser party packages. It gives you the flexibility to paint what you want, how you want, and stay within budget. Most pottery pieces begin at $25 and can go up in price depending on what you choose to paint. The nice thing about this option is that no matter what your budget, you always receive 30% back. This allows for great opportunity to make more money towards your fundraiser if someone chooses to paint a $60+ piece of pottery. This party package also keeps everyone happy since they are creating something that they really want. 

Canvas Painting

Canvas Painting are just as fun! You tell us a theme and we come up with a painting. Unlike, our custom private parties, you do not get to decide what you will paint. We decide for you! Our canvas painting fundraisers are $40/person and we give 30% back. We can also do a paint your pet fundraiser at $45/person.

Glass Painting

If you are into Wine! Why not?  You tell us a theme and we come up with a painting. Unlike, our custom private parties, you do not get to decide what you will paint. We decide for you! Our wine glass painting fundraisers are $35/person for 2 wine glasses and we give 30% back. We also offer Wine Bottle painting at $45/person. 


  • What type of organizations can host a fundraiser? Any organization that holds valid 501C certificate can hold a fundraiser with us.  

  • Is a deposit needed? Yes, a $200 deposit is needed to book your fundraiser event with us. The deposit will be refunded to you along with the total 30% donation.

  • How many people do you need to guarantee in order to host a fundraiser?  ​​Artastic will donate 30% of the total amount of moneys raised to the organization if the organization meets it’s minimum required of attendees (25-30 attendees for Mon. -Thurs. or 50 attendees for Fri. - Sat.). If the Organization falls short on the minimum number of attendees for any reason, Artastic will donate 15% back of the total amount.

  • How many people can you accommodate in your facility? We can accommodate 75 people in our facility

  • Can we bring food and drinks? Yes, you can bring in your own food, drinks and bottled alcohol is allowed in our facility as long as the participants are all over 21 years old. 

  • How long are the events? The events are usually about 2 - 2.5 hours long.

  • What do you provide with the event? We provide you with a facility that can hold up to 75 people, a creative activity, instructors/assistants (depending on type of activity),  all the materials needed to complete event activity including, glazes, paints, aprons, brushes, jars for water, etc.)

  • What would my organization be in charge of doing? 

    • The Organization will be in charge of the following aspects of the event:

      • Creating a flyer and/or form of advertisement.

      • Advertising for the fundraiser.

      • Collecting all moneys and a list of attendees. (For canvas and glass painting events)

      • Organizing any catering or purchasing any food for the event.

      • Providing wine glasses, cups, wine opener and ice buckets for the event.

      • Providing all eating utensils (plates, napkins, forks, spoons) for both mobile and in-house events.

  • Can we pay with a credit card? For fundraiser events we only accept payment with cash or check in order to avoid unnecessary processing fees. 

  • Is the deposit refundable? All deposits are non-refundable. Should something come up that you need to postpone the event, we can reschedule one time. You will need to reschedule your event  within 3 months. 

  • I want to book a canvas/glass painting party, can I look at the artwork before we put a deposit? Unfortunately, we no longer provide artwork without a non-refundable deposit.